Last night I had another dream
Where I was an angel in the sky,
I was so high up that the wind
Without intention froze my smile
And also broke my precious wings!

It was so scary this flight that
I did not really know what to do,
Without direction or a simple map,
In my way down, I thought of you!

I got so desperate still way above
While seeing my wings falling apart
That I only thought of you my love,
Shaking were my mind and heart!

So petrified I really was that
All my senses dislocated became
But I thought of falling on the grass
Or simply landing like an airplane!

Faith and hope I did not lose,
In my way down, I stayed calmed
Though I was kind of confused
But luckily, I fell in your loving arms!

Romeo Della Valle
(c) All rights reserved-2016
New York City

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